About the Salt Mine

The Saltmine is a bespoke guitar and instrument service, modification and repair company that is run by one man, Matt Bulluss.

Just bought a guitar and don't know how to restring it? Just found a guitar in your parents garage that hasn't been touched in years and you're not sure what to do with it? The guitar you've had for years is suddenly making a strange buzzing noise or just doesn't feel quite right? The Saltmine is your first port of call. The founder and sole work horse, Matt specialises in guitars and basses but there isn't a job to small, large or obscure for him to tackle. He's worked on Sitar's, Bouzouki's, Mandalin's, Harp's and made cases for them too. He's also worked on a lot of professional musician's instruments, recoding studio's instruments as well as beginners and collector items too. Matt loves a challenge so get a quote or book in an appointment to see him now. 


“The Salt Mine” refers back to the nickname given to the tiny 3m x 3m airless sweatbox that was Matt’s first repair shop in 2012. Today The Salt Mine is a huge open-plan workspace & studio, shared by amplifier technicians, pedal manufacturers, a designer to round it off and of course: Brian the dog.

All are welcome at The Salt Mine. Give us a call anytime, or drop by during the day to talk guitar, dogs, beer and art with the crew.

About Matt

Matt Bulluss has been obsessed with guitars since childhood. As a teen, his obsession grew into tinkering, and over the last decade, his tinkering became professionally servicing, repairing and customising guitars. 

With more than 25 years of passion and a decade of industry experience, your instrument is in safe hands. Matt offers a personalised experience for everyone, meeting with you face to face to ensure the right service is executed and the final result is as comfortable, reliable and tonally suited to you and your playing style. 


Matt in the original "Salt Mine" (Source: Broadsheet) 

Matt in the original "Salt Mine" (Source: Broadsheet)